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Donate to the Texas Society of Homeopathy

As an advocate for homeopathy, Texas Society of Homeopathy (TSH) is
committed to promoting the benefits of homeopathy through education,
networking and community outreach.

Your generous support enables us to provide essential resources, training,
and advocacy efforts which help individuals and families access natural
and effective healthcare options.

By contributing to TSH, you are joining a dedicated volunteer community
that believes in the power of homeopathy to enhance well-being and
transform lives. Together, we can make a significant impact on the health of
our communities.

Support Homeopathy in Texas

Texas Society of Homeopathy (TSH) is dedicated to promoting and
advancing the practice of homeopathy. By donating to TSH, you help us to:
• Provide Education: Fund seminars, workshops, and training sessions
for both practitioners and the public.
• Increase Awareness: Support outreach programs that inform
communities about the benefits of homeopathic treatment.
• Ensure Advocacy: Aid our efforts in advocating for the recognition and
integration of homeopathy within the broader healthcare system.

Why Your Support Matters

Homeopathy offers a natural, patient-centered approach to healing. With
your help, we can:
• Reach underserved populations who may benefit from homeopathic
• Foster a community of well-trained, compassionate homeopaths.
• Influence policy changes that favor holistic health practices.

How to Donate

Your generous contribution, whether large or small, makes a difference.
You can donate securely online, by mail, or in person at our events. All
donations are tax-deductible and directly support our mission to improve
health and wellness through homeopathy.
• Online: Select your donation type on the right side of the screen to
donate online right now.
• Mail: Send your check payable to Texas Society of Homeopathy,
c/o Bill Shelton, CPA
3125 So. 27th, Suite B
Abilene, TX 79605
• In Person: Join us at our next event and donate in person.

Join Our Circle of Supporters

Become a part of a dedicated group of individuals who believe in the power
of homeopathy. As a donor, you’ll receive:
• Regular updates on our initiatives and progress.
• Invitations to exclusive events and webinars.
• Recognition on our website and in our annual report for corporate

Thank You for Your Generosity

Your support enables Texas Society of Homeopathy to continue its vital
work in promoting natural and effective healing practices. Together, we can
make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of our communities.

Donate Today and Help Us Transform Healthcare in Texas!

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Thank you for your commitment to holistic health and Texas Society of

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