The Texas Society of Homeopathy ("TSH")

was formed in 1994 for the purpose of uniting professional and lay practitioners of classical homeopathy. The organization's main goal is to share collective homeopathic knowledge and experience among all who seek to learn about this 200-year old highly effective natural modality for health and healing. 

Texas Society of Homeopathy Mission Statement:

-Provide a forum for those interested in homeopathy on a personal or professional level, with an emphasis on Hahnemannian Classical Homeopathy,

- Cooperate with other homeopathic groups and organizations to encourage the use and availability of homeopathy,

-Facilitate public awareness and appreciation of the benefits of homeopathy,

- Offer workshops on First Aid and Acute prescribing as well as seminars for advanced practitioners, and 

-Participate in charitable projects.

TSH membership is open to anyone interested in homeopathy on a personal or professional level without regard to professional licensing, gender, race or creed. 

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Please address comments/questions to: TSoH President: Tiffany Calderone