May 14, 2009

We need your help...

We are part of a volunteer committee at the National Center working to reach out to individuals interested in homeopathy to be a part of our membership-

One thing we are offering immediately is a drop in the price of joining to just $49 thru July, 2009.
We have also added a number of features to our new website making it more dynamic than ever and allowing our members to network with one another. And we have much more information on-line at your finger tips.

Finally, we are offering all members something completely new - free access to two exceptional homeopathy webinars: "Homeopathy and First Aid" and "Homeopathy For Simple Acute Conditions". Each webinar will be taught by a very talented homeopath and be chock full of important self help information and each will be broadcast live during the next 9 months. Stay tuned.

Homeopathy is currently enduring an aggressive worldwide assault from the conventional and pharmaceutical enemies of this wonderful system of medicine. These attacks are coming despite (or as a result of) new high quality basic science, pre-clinical and clinical evidence that clearly demonstrates homeopathy is effective. As a result, the mission of the National Center to protect homeopathy so that it is available to all consumers has never been more important - and we have never been so aggressively active in that effort.

Given these facts, we have an urgent need to have you back with us as a member. We are willing to go that extra mile to make rejoining attractive. Would you be willing to speak with one of us by telephone? We would love a chance to speak with you briefly about your membership - why you have lapsed and the good things we have to offer to get you back. There will be no hard sell of any kind -- we just want to hear your thoughts. And if you prefer to just answer via email, please do. Our questions? Why did you not renew, and what would it take to have you return? It is just that easy. Your response is so appreciated.

And if you are willing to join us now - it's very easy to do. Just click on the following link - and follow the instructions. Simply enter the code "promo" to get your membership discount.

We really need you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Heartfelt thanks,
Peter Gold
Molly Punzo

The National Center for Homeopathy