Texas Society of Homeopathy June 26, 2014

Hi everyone, 

We are celebrating 20 years of our society. Homeopathy is alive and growing. Come celebrate study and grow with us. Our time is now to become a major contributor to a better health alternative.

The Texas Society of Homeopathy has been busy lately and it looks to be even busier in the fall. We had a booth at the Houston Weston A Price Foundation Regional Conference March 29-30. We were able to introduce homeopathy to many people. The conference was great; delicious food and superb information. Two tracks were offered; basic and advanced. Weston A. Price offers a call to return to a more nourishing style of nutrition that works with and for our bodies. 

Next, we had the opportunity to have Dr. Farok Master, world known homeopath from India in Houston on April 9th. Ten participants attended this all day seminar/case study event.  Dr. Master shared with us how to find the correct remedy. The participants were very grateful for his teaching and presentation. Dr. Master will be in the USA again in October, so we have decided to schedule another couple of days of class with him.

TSH will host this class in the DFW area. Hopefully many of you who could not attend this recent seminar can make plans to join us Oct. 31-Nov. 1. Dr. Master regularly studies and works with Will Taylor, MD. After this seminar Will Taylor will be spending time in India with Dr. Master; studying and learning. Wow!!

CONFERENCE 2014 - Dr. Will Taylor, also, just happens to be our speaker September 5-7, 2014 for our annual conference. Both of these gentlemen are wonderful teachers and have much to share with us on our journey to be learning homeopathy. 

***************** SAVE the DATES - SEPTEMBER 5-6-7 *****************



Online REGISTRATION opens July 1st.  Get there, do it. REGISTER.

Make plans now - save your $$$, plan to carpool, share a hotel room,  JOIN US in September and October for these two outstanding opportunities to hear both of these homeopaths right here in Texas. TO CELEBRATE OUR 20 YEARS WE WANT TO OFFER A POLO WITH OUR LOGO. If you have any contacts with shirts or such please let us know. Shirts will be available ONLY by advance orders. And, IN ADDITION, we have the opportunity to work with the last self-sustaining Bicentennial Farm specializing in 100% pure virgin alpaca woolen blankets. These blankets retail at $400. The price offered to us is $100. They are queen size and come in either traditional striped or solids. Are you interested? Please let us know with your reply. Thank you. 

Hope you will join us! Keep checking your emails for further information.

Thank you. 

Maureen Hanson, President 2014

Sylvia Z. Valdez, Editor